300 million French speakers in the world

Created in 1970, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie” gives substance to active solidarity between 88 member states and governments.

It is present on the five continents where the French language is interwoven in a mosaic of languages ​​and cultures. The French language observatory collects data in the field, analyzes them and returns them every four years through the “French language in the world” report.

The report answers the following questions:

- Who speak French?

- Who is learning French?

- What are the uses of the language?

- How does it weigh in the economy, digital technology and the media?

Analysis of the data collected for 2018 made it possible to draw up an inventory with 300 million speakers, including 235 million who use it daily.

The French language has grown by nearly 10% since 2014.

It is the fifth most spoken language in the world after Chinese, English, Spanish and Arabic. It is the official language in 32 states and governments and is also the official language of the Olympic Games.

59% of daily French speakers are now found on the African continent. The French-speaking area benefits from the demographic dynamics of this continent.

The French language is the second most learned foreign language in the world, by more than 50 million people.

French is a vector of literacy, education and training for more than 80 million individuals for whom it is the first or second language of socialization in 36 countries and territories in Africa.

The place of French always comes at least in second position and sometimes even before the national languages.

Between 80% and 100% of French speakers in Africa and the Arab world wish to transmit the French language to future generations, because for them, French is a useful language for the business world and it is not reserved for intellectuals outside French-speaking countries.

The ability to speak French is an asset in areas such as trade relations, international organizations, hospitality and tourism.

With 1.2 billion inhabitants, the Francophonie brings together 16% of the world's population and produces 16.5% of the world's wealth.

French shines through the media and the number of distributors of French-speaking content continues to grow, up to 153%: Fourth online language after English, Chinese and Spanish. French finds a real resonance on the internet.

So, today 300 million french speakers, in 2070 it could be 747 million! Will you be one of them?

Watch the 4 minutes' video (in French) that offers a visual representation of the French language in the world by the "Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie":

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