Meet Beatrice

Certified French Teacher as Second Language

Teacher with multiple diplomas:

- European diploma in teaching French as a second language (DAEFLE), a diploma offered by the Alliance Française de Paris in collaboration with the CNED (Centre National d'Enseignement à Distance),

- Certified examiner and corrector DALF C1-2, DELF A1-B2 and TCF,

- Appointed as an examiner for French AB Initio in the Diploma / Career-related program

- I also passed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in European Studies and a Master of Commerce in Marketing from UNSW.

A strong French teaching experience

I currently teach at the Alliance Francaise of Sydney, and I am a Convenor and French Teacher at the University of Sydney and I was a French Teacher at UNSW Global.

Past business experience

13 years in the Telecommunication industry (management, business development and product development) in France, North America, and Australia,

7 years in the Fashion Industry (import and distribution), helped me better understand the requirements of my professional students.

You can find out more on her Linkedin profile.

How can I help you?

As a French Teacher, my strengths are with advanced and cosmopolite students, either preparing them for HSC or University, or helping them to improve their pronunciation (phonetic), or adapting them to work in a French environment (business culture, specific lingo), or francophiles simply wanting to better understand the French culture (politics, history, society, food, books, cinema,...).