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Certified French Teacher 

Highly Qualified:

European diploma in teaching French as a second language. Certified examiner and corrector DALF C1-2, DELF A1-B2 and TCF. Appointed as an examiner for French AB Initio program

University French teacher (UNSW Global, Sydney University)

#Frenchonlineteaching (via Zoom & Google meet).

Solid French Culture:

Sound knowledge of the history, politics, society, food and general French culture.


Business Qualified:

Tertiary qualification in commerce and marketing.
Past experience of 13 years in the Telecommunication industry: management, business development and product development - France, North America, and Australia
#Frenchforbusiness (private tuitions and groups).


Biking, running, yoga and swimming



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Sharpen your skills, have French classes with an experienced online French teacher.

"Beatrice has been a fantastic tutor and really gone above and beyond to assist me on my path to learning french. Her dedication, patience and time has been truly amazing and I will forever be grateful for the time she has given to assist me on my learning journey. Beatrice is one of the most professional, kind, caring and passionate teachers I have ever encountered across my three degrees at university."

Stiboy Eunice Chelise
- University of Sydney student - sem 2 2019

"Beatrice was excellent at taking an interest into each student's needs, for example - by the second tutorial she knew every students name!
I always felt comfortable asking for help with her."

- University student - semester 2 2019

"She was so great when we were teaching in person, one of the only classes I was looking forward to! She always makes the class so interesting and fun, our whole class loves her so much! When we moved online, she was so supportive and helpful."

"She is truly knowledgeable beyond means and is always willing to answer any questions I have, she will then go that step further to ensure that everyone in the class also understands the content."

- Alliance Francaise student - 12/2019

"Béatrice has been an outstanding french teacher in the more advanced courses! She has taken online learning very well and always has time for her students and ensuring that every student gets the right education - spending more time with those struggling, encouraging those excelling to reach further. Truly an amazing teacher, students in the future will be lucky to have her ."

Isabella Parkman - University of Sydney student - sem 1 2020

"I found her classes to be the most interesting and rewarding in terms of helping me learn French. Thank you so much for all that you do! "

- University of Sydney student - sem 2 2020

"She has challenged me throughout the semester to better understand the language and I believe it as really paid off. I feel more confident with my knowledge of the French language and feel as though this would not have been possible without Beatrice's guidance and support. Beatrice is one of the most professional, kind, caring and passionate teachers I have ever encountered across my three degrees at university."

- University of Sydney student - sem 2 2020

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